About Bryce

bryce OK


My name is Bryce Hodges. I’m 15, and soon I will be 16.

I am very excited to go around the world. I’m most excited for visiting Morocco again and seeing a friend of mine in England. Before the trip I was a freshman at York School, and when we get back I will be re-enrolled as a sophomore! I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be staying with my class, but I would rather travel for a year than graduate “on-time.” I have taken Chinese classes, and I went to Morocco for four weeks in order to study Arabic in-country. I hope to use these language skills that I have gained during our trip around the world.

When I’m not traveling I like to do things like play video games, listen to music, and sometimes I enjoy creating my own music. I’m a mountain biker and I will be taking every opportunity that I have to mountain bike in various places.

Thank you for finding and reading this blog!